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Extensius extends human capability with Augmented Reality apps for the modern skilled workforce.

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Microsoft HoloLens
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Augmented Reality Empowers Workers in the Real World

Unlike Virtual Reality, which isolates users in a totally digital world, Augmented Reality uses transparent smart glasses to overlay digital information on top of the real world where it's useful to the workforce.

Hands-free information on demand improves efficiency, decision-making, and safety. Today AR is already giving power to the people, improving worker productivity in the warehouse by 15–46%.

The Extensius Edge™ Suite

Augmented Reality apps and cloud services that connect to your WMS, ERP, and IoT devices

Edge Fulfill Icon

Edge Fulfill™

Handheld scanners revolutionized fulfillment in the last technology wave, but the current evolution of the workforce uses smart glasses to unlock unprecedented productivity gains.

Extensius Edge Fulfill improves accuracy, eliminates unnecessary movement, reduces cognitive load from task to task, and motivates your workers with realtime performance feedback on the KPIs that matter most to your business.

Edge Onsight Icon

Edge Onsight™

Using smart glasses' built-in camera, your workers can stream a see-what-I-see view to collaborate in realtime with experts. Extensius Edge Onsight makes your most knowledgeable workers' expertise available to the rest of your workforce via remote assistance.

Experts can also annotate, capture, and save videos of support sessions to build a searchable repository of content, enabling more self-service.

Edge Command Icon

Edge Command™

Give managers the ability to make better decisions in the field with realtime operational insights delivered via our administrative console and configurable heads-up dashboard.

Extensius Edge Command gives visibility into asset location, workforce productivity, and key business KPIs. It integrates with your existing ERP, WMS, or IoT devices and is also available on desktop/mobile.

Edge Chain Icon

Edge Chain™

Augmented Reality gives workers access to information on demand, but public blockchain latency can limit its throughput and accuracy.

Extensius Edge Chain connects your workers to a private blockchain with timestamped transaction data aggregated and securely batch-written to the public blockchain of your choice.

The Team

Chris Rampey

Chris Rampey

Founder & CEO

Chris has shipped digital products that touch millions of users for top brands such as Amazon, Microsoft Research, Capital One and Nestle. He designed Amazon's next-generation scanner app for their first brick-and-mortar stores, and has led award-winning AR app development teams.

Aaron Webb

Aaron Webb

Co-Founder & COO

Aaron served his country as a Navy Chief and continuous process improvement expert in logistics. He won US Naval Aviation's prestigious "Innovator of the Year" award for process improvements that delivered savings in the tens of millions. He oversees customer process and solution deployment strategy.

Allison Lanz

Allison Lanz

Project Manager

Allison manages the delivery of Augmented Reality projects on-time and on-budget. She brings years of experience cultivating strong relationships both agency-side and product-side, and has shipped many projects across multiple AR & VR platforms.

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Could this be you?

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We believe that Augmented Reality will fundamentally change how humans interact with computers and the physical world.

We believe AR will continue to unlock new, unprecedented efficiencies in the skilled workforce.

We believe AR isn't always the best tool for the job. Technology serves people's needs, not the other way around.

We're a customer-obsessed, ROI-driven team of audacious problem-solvers on a mission to give humans enhanced situational awareness.

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